FYFA CEO and Co-Founder, Robin Follman-Otta

Internationally Acclaimed Soprano

Robin Follman-Otta is a co-founder of The Follman-Young Foundation for the Arts (FYFA), and serves as its chief executive officer.

For almost three decades as an internationally acclaimed soprano, Robin has performed around the world on stages, singing alongside masters, such as Andrea Bocelli, performing at prestigious houses, and spending six years in Asia. She has been described as“a singeractress fully worthy of that dual distinction.”

Some of the noteworthy houses where she has performed are the Royal Philharmonic, English Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Opera, New York City Opera, Washington Opera, Singapore Lyric Opera, and Opera Lyra Ottawa.

As a mentor and educator, from 2003-2009, she was director of the Voice Conservatory and artistic director of the Orange County School of the Arts.  At Arts Orange County, she was a finalist for Educator of the Year in 2007 and 2008, and was Artist of the Year in 2009. The Orange County Business Journal has named her as one of the top Women in Business in 2009. The following year in 2010, the Orange County School District recognized her with “Outstanding Contributions in Education.”

From Opera House to the Executive Office

Robin made a transition from leading in the arts to navigating business in 2012. From opera house to the executive office, she also serves as chief executive officer for both ofher family’s manufacturing companies, Markall, Inc. and  R.A. Industries in Santa Ana, California.

Robin has said her training in the arts was crucial to developing her business prowess. “When you think about the arts and how people are trained to access emotions quickly and how you need to convey that to a group of thousands—I learned very early on how to navigate the fluctuating emotions in a daily work environment,” she said. “You learn to have a sense of calm in emergency, how to think far ahead to the end result.”